Can we talk?
As a rule, carnival food is not that great.
Really, part of the attraction is it's uniqueness.  I mean, where else are you going to get a hamburger where two greasy donuts are the bun?  Or bacon that's covered in chocolate?  What restaurant is going to serve you battered, deep fried cookies?  That's the hook, it's all stuff you won't get anywhere else, so what can you compare it to?

The traditional stuff? The real food?  Not that great either.
Are the hamburgers all beef?  Yeah, except for the soy parts.
Are the steak sandwiches made out of steak?  Who knows?
The soft serve?  Why do they call it soft serve?  Isn't it ICE CREAM?
Um...well, you know that stuff that whitens coffee that isn't cream?

You get the picture.

Then there is me.
More importantly, there is my pizza.
My pie1

What's the big deal?  I mean...it looks like pizza, right?
Yeah.  That's the big deal.
I make my own dough fresh every day.
I use NOTHING but 100% Dairy Cheese.
My sauce begins with the best base available, and I make it even better.
We're not skimpy with the sauce, the cheese or the toppings.

Finally, here is one of the biggest secrets of our success.
The secret of our success.
A garbage can?
If you go to a fair or festival and you see a stand set up by one of the big chains, chances are you won't find one of these.  Why is that?  THEY NEVER THROW ANYTHING AWAY!
Me?  I know that freshness is everything, and I'd rather throw pizza away than sell you an inferior product.

By the way, if you think the garbage can is kind of cute, it's the work of Natalie Dee!
Let me tell you a little bit more....